Wonder Woman - Warner Bros 2015-2016
Fast & Furious 7- Universal 2014
Game Of Thrones - HBO 2012 - 2013
The Dark Knight Rises - Warner Bros 2011
Bandersnatch - Netflix - 2018

It's What We Do...

Location Scouting

Our mission is to give our clients the best possible locations for their vision. We pride ourselves in comprehensively understanding the brief and providing high quality location images. With over 20 years experience in the business, we have an ever growing database of potential locations across the globe for your project.


Location Management & Unit Management

From initial planning to managing the day to day running of the shoot, filming on location can be a logistical minefield. We provide a one stop solution to ensure that the locations are the one part of your production you don't have to worry about.

The comprehensive range of services we offer include:

    • Fee negotiations and contracts
    • Site Surveys & Plans
    • Liaison with local council and police
    • Permits and Licenses
    • Liaison with local residents and businesses
    • Insurance
    • Parking suspensions
    • Coning & Street clearance
    • Road controls/ closures
    • Traffic management
    • Location Security
    • Crowd control
    • Technical parking permits
    • Crew parking
    • Unit Bases and Unit Management
    • Location protection & re-instatement
    • Specialist safety teams
    • Rope access teams
    • Health & safety risk assessments
    • Temporary access roads
    • Rubbish clearance
    • Power, Water and Fuel supplies
    • Lighting
    • Maps and directions
    • Weather reports
    • Sunrise & sunset times
    • Tide timetables
    • Location Equipment
    • Make-up & Costume rooms
    • Crowd holding areas
    • Tents and Marquees
    • Dining trailers
    • Welfare facilities
    • Transportation
    • Plant & equipment hire

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